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Introduction to Telecommunications



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You will be expected to access and participate in all the activities online.

Data communication technologies have become some of the most important tools available to business today. However, as with many developing technologies, the terminology used by communications professionals can be both confusing and intimidating to many business professionals. The purpose of this course is to provide students with an introduction and basic overview of the field of business telecommunications as well as an introduction to current management and strategic issues. Upon successful completion of this course, students will possess a working knowledge of many of the telecommunications components and associated terminology as they apply to business in this age of electronic communication.

Course Structure & Activities

Phase 1: Preparation During the first phase, you will be assigned a specific reading in the textbook to complete prior to attending class. The purpose of phase 1 is to prepare you for the class activities which are based on the textbook materials.

Phase 2: Readiness Assurance During the second phase, you will participate in readiness assurance tests (RAT). The tests are closed book and measure your understanding of the information provided in the textbook and your preparation for class time. During this process, you will first individually complete the test and submit your answers (iRAT). Then you will join your team and as a team discuss and answer the questions of the same test. The individual tests will be scored automatically and reviewed by the instructor while your team completes the team test (tRAT). The team score will be the same for all members of the team. The purpose of phase 2 is to ensure that you and your teammates have the foundational knowledge needed to begin learning to apply the concepts in phase 3.

Phase 3: Application In the third phase, you and your team will use the foundational knowledge to solve problems, participate in hands-on activities, discuss cases, etc. The purpose of this phase is to give you a deeper understanding of the concepts.

Peer Evaluation: At the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to evaluate your team members. The peer evaluation will ask you to consider how well your team members prepared for the readiness tests as well as the level and quality of their contributions to the in-class activities through applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating.


Business Data Communications & Networking, 11th Edition, Authors: Jerry Fitzgerald, Alan Dennis, Alexandra Durcikova, ISBN: 9781118086834, Copyright: 2012

The textbook WILL be used in this course. You can get the digital version of the book for $69.50 (plus a free trial) by using the link here. It can also be obtained from the bookstore or from many other online providers. Order your textbook quickly - you will begin using it the first week of the term. Be sure you order the correct version of the textbook.

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